Finding wine business solutions in Europe

Today Hawkview is proud to be working with a number of wine companies from across the world.




The Hawkview Agency was founded in 2005 by Chris Hothersall, following spells working for top Australian wineries Rosemount and Tyrrell’s, both in the UK and across Continental Europe.

Chris believes that these family-owned wineries succeeded in putting their personality into their wines, and in using pride in their product to drive uncompromising quality.

From the start, the aim was for Hawkview to represent only wines about which we could be passionate. But just as important, these wines must also be differentiated and offer something unique to the consumer.

That said, getting great wines in front of the consumer takes more than passion. Hawkview has now built up an enviable expertise in market analysis and development of routes to market in the UK and throughout Continental Europe. We have close partnerships with distributors, shippers and bottlers and have an equal focus upon both mass market and upon esoteric wines.

Above all we can offer our family of Wineries the focus and the analysis they need to take their wines to market with confidence in UK and across Europe.

For the retailer we can offer differentiated wines which are among the best in their class. We work hard with our retailers to develop tailor-made trading plans which make full use of Hawkview’s “can do” approach in harnessing our marketing and logistics expertise with industry leading partners to deliver against said plans.